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4 Strategies to Stay Top-of-Mind with Past Clients

You’ve spent endless amounts of time building a loyal clientele of luxury real estate buyers and sellers, but are you nurturing them? Today, technology makes it easier than ever to attract new clients and strengthen your existing relationships which is the best thing you can do to simplify your business and tap into a high-quality source of referrals.

Here are four ways to do just that:

1. Nurture clients with at least a monthly email Email is the easiest way to nurture clients both consistently and automatically. That means there’s no way to forget, get too busy or overthink it.

Keep in mind that nurturing clients doesn’t just mean sending out emails featuring listings and open houses, but rather ones with useful content about the real estate market or lifestyle updates. This is a great way to remind clients of your expertise and value so that when you do send links to new listings or make a pitch, they’ll be more likely to respond (or open the email in the first place).

2. Send an occasional gift Along with sending regular emails, your clients will appreciate the occasional small gift to remember their birthdays, anniversaries or show you’re thinking of them during the holidays.

Rather than simply sending flowers to clients’ homes, sends flowers to their workplace, this way their colleagues will ask about the flowers. In turn, this leads to clients telling their colleagues about the amazing experience they had with you. Naturally, some of those colleagues then ask for your information the next time they need a real estate professional.

3. Plan a quarterly check-in call Unlike emails, nurturing clients with phone calls requires a little more effort but gives you an opportunity to catch up in real time on a more personal level. Plus, a phone call is a great way to identify potential referral opportunities when they come up in conversation.

Just remember, it’s important to make these calls without the intention of booking an appointment or pitching your services. You want clients to feel like you’re someone they can trust, so it’s best to show a genuine interest in what your client has been up to since you last spoke.

4. Use social media. Another easy way to stay top of mind? Social media.

The idea isn’t to post for the sake of posting, but to post for the sake of keeping your market expertise visible. Just like with emails, you’ll want to share valuable content rather than simply sharing listings or pitching your services - and don’t be afraid to work your own personal story and personality into your posts, either.

While you don’t want to “overshare” or come off as unprofessional, you do want to share enough of yourself to help you stand out from the crowd and make it easy for clients to connect with, relate to and respect you.

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