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5 Social Media Tips You Can’t Overlook

The real estate industry is officially online. What used to be an industry that depended on cold calling and traditional marketing, is now an industry that heavily relies on social media marketing.

As a real estate professional, you understand how much of an impact social media has on building trust in your client base. Social media is a major lead generator, yet most real estate brands fail to maximize their efficiency online.

It’s simple to tweak your content strategy in order to achieve great results for your real estate brand. Amarki has scoured the internet and come up with these tips that will help you step-up your real estate social media marketing.

Tip #1: The Basics

If you’re already up and running on social media, then you probably already know the basics. For those that don’t here it is:


  • Facebook has over 2 billion ACTIVE monthly users, making it the most popular social platform available. Setting up a business page gives you access to useful features such as page analytics and the ability to promote posts to your audience. The best performing posts are ones that include images and video


  • Instagram has become a top social platform because it’s a visual platform. A single post can include a series of images and video making it a great way to show off your listings


  • LinkedIn provides a great opportunity to network with other real estate agents, brokerages and connect with clients. Make sure you create a business page to advertise your services

Tip #2: Start Two-Way Conversations

With 93% of millennial starting their search online, this creates an incredible opportunity to connect with them there - but do you understand their motivation? Potential homebuyers are searching for information, and they have questions, especially if they’re first-time buyers. This can cause intimidation.

Using social media allows you to walk everyone through the process and creates stronger bonds. Instead of posting endless self-promotional content (a one-way broadcast), you open and create a two-way conversation. Your audience becomes key contributors of the experience.

Other great ways to start a 2-way conversation are hosting a Q&A session, ask questions on your posts, create and promote surveys or even invite your audience to join a conversation.

Tip #3: Wisely choose your social platforms

Social media is fast-paced, chaotic and changes constantly. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of platforms available.

Real estate agents feel pressure to “be everywhere” when you don’t. You’re already pressed for time and driving yourself crazy trying to maintain a presence on a dozen platforms doesn’t help.

The best results will come from focusing on just a few social platforms to start. Begin your journey on proven platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Unsure which deserves most of your focus? That will depend on your audience. The overall popularity of the platform is meaningless if you don’t consider where your target market spends their time.

Consider this, you wouldn’t want to launch a TikTok campaign when trying to sell retirement condos - the demographics are simply too young.

Tip #4: Strategically and consistently post

Successful real estate agents know that consistent contact and interactions provide value and motivation for your audience to keep coming back. The goal is to create enough interaction for your audience to get to know you without overwhelming them to a point they tune out.

Frequency is not the only factor, consider the content as well. Most content falls into three different types:

  • Time-sensitive or Promotional

  • “Evergreen” how-to or Informative

  • Fun or Entertaining

Remember, there’s no need to create all of this content yourself. Supplement your own efforts by sharing, retweeting or linking to other great content. Your clients are also a great source of content - share a quote or testimonial or photo in their new home.

Keep an eye on key social metrics like new or lost followers, engagements, people reached, etc. as this will tell you if you’re heading in the right direction. If not, make adjustments as you go.

Tip #5: Remember Your Past Clients

Social media can help maintain relationships you’ve already developed. An interesting stat is that 70% of homeowners can’t remember their real estate agents name one year after closing.

Using social media allows you to easily maintain your relationships rather than having them slip away. This way, when clients are ready to move again or recommend a realtor, you’ll be the first person to come to mind.

Your content doesn’t need to focus on real estate alone. Now that your client has moved into their new home, they might be interested in learning about the community or new restaurants in the area.

Social media is essential in every realtor's marketing toolkit. Thankfully, using a tool like Amarki makes it less overwhelming.

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About Amarki: Amarki was built by real estate experts for Brokerages and Agents based on years of industry experience and firsthand feedback. We developed a marketing tool accessible to anyone, no matter the experience or marketing budget. By providing an intuitive tool that works “for” the agent, Amarki is able to remove the complexity of marketing tasks making agents more active.