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Best Images to Use for Your Real Estate Listings

One of the best things to do before you start marketing your property is ensuring you have great images. This can be really tough for homeowners and agents who are already overwhelmed with everything else that needs to happen when selling a home. With these simple tips you can ensure your photos help generate interest and not scare people away.

Declutter Before the First Photo Is Taken: Removing belongings is key to good photos. Removing furniture, simplifying the room and organizing what is left will help potential buyers better understand how they will use the space.

Understand the Photos You Need: All houses are different but what a buyer wants to see is pretty consistent. Ensure you have a list of all the photos you want before you start. Examples include wide angle shots of the bedrooms, curb appeal shot, a few of the back yard, one of each bathroom, etc.

Stage the Home for The Perfect Picture: With staged homes typically getting 1 - 5% higher from buyers, it is important to stage certain areas of the home. In the case of your photos, stage certain areas for the perfect shot. A great example would be fresh fruit in the kitchen or a perfectly set outdoor table before a BBQ.

Try Some New Tricks of the Trade: Most professional photographers will have a tripod, a wide-angle lens and will be shooting from different angles giving it a more artistic feel. You should be trying that too!

Ask for Advice and Feedback: Much like anything else you are learning, you should be open to someone looking at work and giving you advice and asking for feedback. It is typically hard to put your work in front of another professional and ask for their honest feedback, but the payoff is worth it as it will only help you get better!

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