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Real Estate Agents Can Attract More Clients with these 5 Tips

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Being a real estate agent means that you sell more than property, you sell dreams. While this is a great sentiment, getting clients in real estate isn’t always easy. To make this a little easier, you need to figure out the best marketing strategies and how to differentiate yourself from the nearly 2 million licensed real estate agents in the United States.

It’s important to find the top current ways to do this, and here’s what Amarki found:

1. Advertise with Google Ads.

Did you know that 90% of home buyers use Google to start their search for a home? Google Ads allow you to position your ad within the first results on Google through pay-per-click campaigns.

Google Ads use geo-targeting allowing you to target your ads to specific areas where you are more likely to find the right customers while simultaneously restricting it in areas where you are less likely to find them.

Consider the following when creating your ads:

  • Device types: new home buyers like to use mobile devices for their research, so optimize your ad by adding a clickable phone number

  • Create attractive copy: you only have one chance to make a first impression so make sure the content of your ad is creative and appealing

2. Make Quality Videos

Producing high-quality videos will help you stand out from your competitors. According to a NAR study, it was found that only 11% of seller’s use videos of their property to market it despite the fact that 61% of homebuyers believe that videos are a useful feature which searching for their ideal home.

Creating quality and eye-catching content with distinct messaging will help you stand out from your competitors and allow you to connect with your buyers and sellers.

The best resulting videos Amarki has seen come from short and simple videos grabbing the attention of the viewer like:

i. Introductory videos - Tell your clients who you are, your background, awards or achievements allowing them to get to know you on a personal level

ii. Testimonials - Create genuine testimonial videos that highlight positive stories from clients who have had a pleasant experience working with you to buy property

iii. Neighborhood videos - Buyers want to know about the location they’re considering so showcase the neighborhood

iv. Property Listings - High-quality property videos will transport your buyers to feel like they’re at home from the moment they open the front door

3. Start a Blog

Blogs allow you to create and promote meaningful content on a regular basis.

Consistency and volume of content really matter here, so consider posting several times a day giving yourself more opportunities to connect with buyers and sellers making sure you’re consistently at the top of the feeds.

A study by HubSpot showed that publishing more than 16 blog posts a month got 3.5 times more traffic than those that did not publish anything. Despite that, only 11 percent of real estate agents have a blog.

If you want to differentiate yourself and stand out today, this is what top real estate agents are doing

4. Use Social Media

Social media is an absolute goldmine for real estate, but with so many platforms you need to choose the ones that make sense. A NAR study concluded that Facebook (97%), LinkedIn (59%) and Instagram (39%) are the top picks for Agents.

Facebook remains a top choice because of their user demographics which represents your target audience. Facebook also offers paid Ads that allow you to directly target demographics and users that have shown interest in buying in your area.

Although LinkedIn is primarily B2B, it’s the place to network with fellow realtors and show off your experience. Setting up a profile and company page helps with your online presence

Instagram is booming for the real estate industry with high-res property photos, videos, stories, client’s testimonials, industry, and market news can all be liked and shared instantly

5. Create Newsletters

Newsletter allow you to generate interest and, if it’s relevant and provides value, will be shared with friends, family, and contacts.

Sending weekly newsletter to your contacts allow you to remain front of mind. To make your marketing strategy successful, follow these suggested patterns:

  • Gather your top performing content throughout the month and add it to your newsletter showcasing your industry expertise

  • Share topics of interest that are informative

  • Highlight some of the best properties you’ve sold and promote current properties available

  • Don’t forget, keep them connected to your brand by inviting them to follow you on all your platforms reinforcing your brand awareness

Bonus Tip: Leveraging a tool like Amarki will keep all your marketing in one place allowing you to easily create, schedule and deploy all of your marketing campaigns in three (3) easy steps!

About Amarki: Amarki was built by real estate experts for Brokerages and Agents based on years of industry experience and firsthand feedback. We developed a marketing tool accessible to anyone, no matter the experience or marketing budget. By providing an intuitive tool that works “for” the agent, Amarki is able to remove the complexity of marketing tasks making agents more active.