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The Biggest Trend in Small Brokerages in 2021

Is there anything that makes your small brokerage different from other small brokerages in your area? Like any other space, in the real estate industry differentiating your brokerage from competitor brokerages is key. There isn’t exactly a handbook that outlines what you should be doing or what you need to be doing to become the best so it can be difficult at times.

The good thing is you don’t need to re-invent the wheel here. Learning from other brokerages your size and “fast following” what is working for others is an easy way to get started on becoming more competitive.

Biggest area of opportunity for most small brokerages; technology. Technology has always been the great equalizer that has leveled the playing field for brokerages big and small. Looking at brokerages of today, the area of focus to move the proverbial needle is anything to do with marketing or marketing automation.

Offering a marketing platform for your agents may sound like a daunting task, but today there are options for as little as $10/month. The benefits of introducing new technology like this has some obvious benefits. Namely, agents that market themselves and their properties more, get more traction which means more business for everyone. But there are other benefits too. When a small brokerage starts to offer tools and benefits typically found in a larger national brokerage you can start recruiting better talent; which again increases business for everyone.

When you do start looking for a marketing or marketing automation tool, make sure it covers all the bases of how top agents are marketing themselves today. Make sure it includes features like:

  • Social Media campaigns

  • Email Marketing campaigns

  • Text Message campaigns

  • Google Search and Google Display ads

  • Digital Flyers

  • Ability to schedule deployment of campaigns

  • Templates for agents to use

As a final thought, making your small brokerage more competitive does not require a major overhaul of your business. There is some low hanging fruit to be picked. Providing tools to help get your current agents more active and attract new top talent are out there and very affordable. Most solutions built for small brokerages typically come with full support as well, so you won’t be burdened with supporting your staff either. Overall, it’s an easy move to get things headed in the right direction.

About Amarki: Amarki was built by real estate experts for Brokerages and Agents based on years of industry experience and firsthand feedback. We developed a marketing tool accessible to anyone, no matter the experience or marketing budget. By providing an intuitive tool that works “for” the agent, Amarki is able to remove the complexity of marketing tasks making agents more active. Check us out by clicking here.