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Top Digital Marketing Tips of 2021

Last month we invited real estate agents to try the Amarki 30-Day Digital Marketing Challenge, we challenged agents to “up their game” when it came to online marketing of themselves and their properties and follow the schedule that a top producer would use. (See original challenge: Amarki 30-Day Digital Marketing Challenge)

Hundreds of agents took the challenge and below are some of the key learnings found by Amarki:

  • Focus on promoting you the agent: In today’s landscape of fast-moving properties, agents are focusing more of their marketing efforts advertising themselves in an effort to get more listings in an attempt to be the first agent a prospective seller sees.

  • Plan in advance: Top producing agents are putting an hour a week aside strictly for pre-planning marketing efforts for the week. This includes curating or creating the content and planning when it will be sent.

  • Automate what you can: Using a tool like Amarki to schedule deployment of email, text and social campaigns was the biggest time saver allowing people to post to social media or launch email campaigns at peak hours when they were out and about.

  • Templates: Taking the time to find or create a template you like for your emails, social posts and flyers becomes a massive time saver for future campaigns. The added benefit is you create brand constancy which helps people remember your personal brand.

  • Text Messaging is the new email: Agents who embraced bulk text messaging experienced a much higher engagement rate and had their messages viewed much quicker.

MORE IS MORE: The final big takeaway Amarki is seeing from the challenge… more IS more. We are finding the agents that carve out a small amount of time to plan their marketing for the week and then keep it going are getting more traction. More digital marketing grows your audience slowly but at the same time incubates them with your messaging. So, when the time comes, you are the first agent they see. It is not something that happens overnight, but just like investing, grows over time.

If you haven’t tried the Amarki 30-Day Digital Marketing Challenge yet, you can start anytime. More information can be found HERE.

About Amarki: Amarki was built by real estate experts for Brokerages and Agents based on years of industry experience and firsthand feedback. We developed a marketing tool accessible to anyone, no matter the experience or marketing budget. By providing an intuitive tool that works “for” the agent, Amarki is able to remove the complexity of marketing tasks making agents more active. Check us out at HERE.